I just kissed my ex and I don't know what to do next, I'm 14 so this is confusing to me?

Story: So a few weeks ago my ex told me she never really liked me when we were dating. Tonight I asked her if she was lying or not and she said I would have to find out on my own. While we were talking we were looking for the other team (at night during a game we made up) we were in the park which gets really dark at night. It was finally our turn to hide. While me and her were a long ways away from the other team she asked me if she should call this guy who has a crush on her. Thats when I kissed her and said "Your good at lying" and she smiled.

The thing is she is NOT allowed to date, thats why we broke up in the first place. Her mother caught us secretly dating because her friend told her mom while they were fighting with each other.
Now I dont know what to do... what are we? Friends? Friends with benefits? I have no clue so please tell me what to do!


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  • Man, kids these days talking about 'friends with benefits'. You're hardly even a teenager. Why do you even bother yourself with girls


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  • Don't date a girl that's not allowed to date. You shouldn't have to hide your relationship. Just keep things between you good but hit it up more when her mom's okay with it.

  • I you should ask her cause she has to know what she wantsits never up to the guy.


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