I don't get butterflies with my bf.. is this normal?

I love my bf to death I can't imagine my life without him and we're planning to marry in the future. It's not a problem for me but just curious as to why I don't get butterflies when we kiss... and before you say anything we do have a lot of chemistry. I get butterflies when we hold hands and hug. He gets butterflies with me and he said he got them with his ex aswell. Just wondering why this is lol


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  • I hate when woman say this. There are not always "butterflies". especially if you are very comfortable with someone. also, the longer you know someone those go away because you are just comfortable with the person.
    after your divorce, whenever that ends up happening (and before you say "that won't happen to me".. well most of us said that. it is not always up to you and with % nowadays the chance is high) and you get back to dating, those just aren't there anymore because your older and more experienced. I don't need to feel a "spark"... I need to feel relaxed and at ease with the woman. sometimes it is right away, sometimes it takes time.


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  • Butterflies are overrated. Does the though of seeing him excite or brighten up your day. And does being intimate do likewise? If yes then you will be fine. If not ask yourself while. Make a pro and con list about what you think or feel about him and your relationship


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  • Well... the term "butterflies in your stomach" is used to describe a nervous feeling that you get. I think that's it's more likely for new couples or people just starting to date to get "butterflies", because they're nervous about kissing the other people. Since you're more comfortable with your boyfriend, you wouldn't get so nervous. Perhaps what he describes as "butterflies" is just a feeling of affection? Just something that he uses to describe that. You say that you love your boyfriend a lot, so I wouldn't worry about it.