I'm afraid that I'll never get a boyfriend. How can I deal with this?

I am 18 years old and there was this guy that liked me a lot last weekend and asked me out on a date and I agreed to go. Then I said no because my mother won't let me because she doesn't know him and doesn't want me to be alone with me because she is too overprotective of me. After I said no, he completely gave up on me. Should I stop talking to him completely or give him another chance to hang out with him? My mother blew it with him and now he completely moved on with another girl quickly because of me. Now I'm afraid I'll never get a boyfriend because my mother won't allow me to go out with guys but I really want to! Will I meet mr right soon? My mom will allow me to date as long as I meet them in person and not online.


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  • Just cause lost your chances with one guy, doesn't mean you will be single for the rest of your life. You are being over dramatic. Why don't you, bring the next guys over to your house for some lunch or dinner, so your mum can meet them.

    I can understand were your mother is coming from, about online dating you can meet all sort of weirdos.

    This guy you want to date, how long have know him? Its always best to date someone you have being friends with for a lot time, and has met your parents a couple of times. Dating a strangers is never a good idea. I think your mum has the right idea, you should get to know them first.

    These days, you can never give someone the benefit of the delt.


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  • You have so much time to find mr. right, i wouldn't worry about it now. You're 18 and I think you should try to let your mom know that you're an adult and can handle some things on your own. I do understand your mom's decision though because people online aren't always who they seem to be. I would try to meet some guys in person before you go searching online, that way you know they're not creepy old men. Best of luck. There are so many potential mr. rights out there, you just have to wait for them to come into your life.

  • You don't have to tell your mother you met him online... when you get to know him very well.. tell her