Do Single Muslim ladies living in Canada or elsewhere have to wear Full body/head dress?

I've heard that the ones that have to wear that are married ladies. But how about the single ones, they still have to cover their faces?

Then how are they supposed to meet and socialize with Western guys?

Or do these immigrant families never allow interracial/international dating and just want their daughters to do arranged marriage with guys of their same culture and religion?


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  • Highly varies depending on the woman and, mainly, the family. It is widely believed that the hijab is compulsory for all muslim women (woman meaning once she has hit puberty), but there are some muslim women who interpret this differently and choose not to wear it. Equally, there are many who do choose to wear it and are very solid in their faith concerning the hijab. There is also a minority of women who wear it out of pressure from their parents/husbands and societal/cultural norms. The hijab does not entail covering the face, just the hair and body. Covering of the face is not compulsory and completely optional for muslim women.
    As for the second part of your question, the norms regarding meeting and socialising with Western guys also varies hugely. Some muslim women in the West I know regard anything outside a working/studying or professional relationship excessive and do not participate. Other behave much more liberally and just like your average non-muslim girl would. And of course there are many women in between. Again with the interracial/international dating thing - completely depends on how conservative/traditional the family are and the girl herself. Just bear in mind though that it is considered forbidden for a muslim girl to marry a non-muslim man. Hope this helps :)


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  • Yes all Muslim girls have to cover their head and face and body infront of Non Mahram -i. e. a man that is not her bro, father, uncle etc

    • They are not supposed to socialise with Western guys. When they get of age - proposals of prospective Muslim guys begin coming in. The parents ask the daughter to decide. Or in some cases do themselves

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    • There is nothing in the religious book to suggest one should cover their face !!! correct me if i am wrong

    • Yes there is. It is vital and it does say in the Quran that women need to cover in front of Non Mahram men i. e. men who are not relatives (bro/father/husband)

  • It depends on their families. Some families prefer the traditional religious (Muslim) young men but other families (like mine) aren't pressuring the young women in my family to marry one. I guess where I come from, interracial marriage is completely normal (and if one of other religion is marrying a Muslim, that person has to convert to Islam) To your question about hijabs, all Muslim women have to wear the hijab regardless of their relationship status. They must wear the hijab (emphasis on the must) right after they hit puberty because that's when their body starts to change. So, now you know that hijabs are for modesty.


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  • Why do Muslim men hate their women so much?