What's it like when a GUY likes a girl?

I find it hard to believe that guys think about girls more than we think about guys. :p. When I like a boy I over think everything and everytime we text I read it 200 times to make sure it's perfect. Is it the same for you guys too? And when you have a girlfriend what's it like for you? [:


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  • I believe when a guy truly likes a girl, he'll do literally anything for her. If she pisses him off, he'll forgive her five minutes later. I think guys are more romantic than girls. How many movies do you see with the girl chasing the guy through the airport while the guys getting on a plane to Europe? Ummmm... None


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  • Average single guy probably meets like 10 girls a week he likes just based off of looks alone but I think once it comes to a relationship there's few girls that actually make him read a text 200 times.

    Once we have girlfriends if it's the right girl then there's nothing else like it but more often then not we rushed to get the hottest girl we feel we could attain at the time into an exclusive relationship only to find out we don't really have a lot in common and get bored and horny for a girl of a different type (brunettes instead of blondes, spunky instead of calm etc.)

    That's a slightly bleaker portrayal of the young American male but it's what I've seen across the board from my friends

  • Its the same, but we have more pressure since we have to approach and make plans and yada yada.

  • Guys overthink things too, just like you said. If i really like a girl, i think about her all the time, even to the point where i get a little too obsessed. So ya, its the exact same, at least for me anyways


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