Date ideas for first meeting?

So I've been talking to this girl over text for a couple days now, and on Wednesday we're meeting for a drink to officially meet. I told her we'll start with the drink and if it goes well we'll do something after if we want. I told her it would be spontaneous. So any ideas as to what we could do afterwards that's not too crazy but also a little romantic? And I live in Kansas City if that helps.


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  • It sounds lame but can be incredibly romantic: mini golf or taking her to an arcade. You both will be forced to be yourselves because you will be too busy having fun and thinking of how to play. Not to mention that you will still have time to get to know each other without it ever feeling forced.

    • Yeah I was gonna make her choose without her knowing that she was actually making the decision. Either mini golf or bowling with arcade

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  • Bowling? Roller skating? Dancing?

  • Dinner, bowling, going to a fair, picnic, hiking, mini golf, etc.


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