How do you know when a guys into you?

So i I just started school like 2 weeks ago and there's a new student and i like him but i dont know if he's into me how can i find out help requested

its this boy i like he's hot sexy and attracting im afraid to tell him how i feel because he might reject me please help im desprate for him every time i see him i get all nervous please give me advice what should i do? take a chance for it or nah?


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  • i wish i was of use to you... but i suk at this.

    just start chatting with him, get to know him and go from there. listen to your gut


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  • Ahhh this is an easy one :3 Basically every time he sees you a big exclamation mark will pop up above his head and he will start to act weird around you etc... :3 Thats how you know he's attracted to you!


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