Hey Guys WHERE would you first meet a girl with online dating?

If you're a guy & your online dating. Would you meet up with a girl at your house? Like seriously 2 guys have suggested it & I'm like seriously offended each freaking time. 'No I don't want to be gang raped' is what I want to say. But it seems like no one knows whats appropriate any more. It's sad. Like does any guy out there think it would honestly be the best way to meet some one you don't even know?


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  • Haha, Yep seriously, That's what will happen most probably, Even if I was dating online, I would begin with meetings at the coffee shop or the mall or the club or something. Who calls a girl to their house at the first go xD?


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  • Some people feel that they can get a good feel and develop rapport well enough online to be comfortable meeting in person in a non-public place.

    Some feel that they want a more intimate setting than some crowded, loud, public place, to meet.


    But as a guy with this strange mutant power to understand women... I wouldn't invite a woman I met online to my place for the first time, because of exactly what u said;

    the comfort level isn't there (in most cases) to meet someone in person for the first time at their home. Lots of crazy guys out here in the world today unfortunately.


    I would pick somewhere like a park or the beach (i live in California so this is possible for me)... we can "create" a private space there that isn't as loud and overly crowded.

    Just tell her what I'm wearing beforehand so she can easily find me... and let the meeting begin. :)


    I have to honestly say that guys inviting a girl they meet online to their house as the FIRST in person meeting... are lacking awareness from a feminine point of view. :-P

  • A neutral zone with plenty of witnesses if something goes down. My gf and I first met in front of shopping complex on campus before walking to the restaurant. Its a place with many security cameras, potential witnesses, help need by and a spot watched often by campus police. Never go to the guy's house. Pick a public spot you both know, with surveillance and help near by. Malls, outside of government buildings, near museums and libraries are good.

    • Yeah you're right. But as a guy what's going through your mind if you ask a girl to come over to your house?

    • Asking a girl to come over to your house on a first dare is a dumb idea and not a way to build trust. Those guys either don't know any better or up to something suspicious.

  • Oh my god I've been trying to take any girl to a movie just to hang out! But yeah I think at a public place is nice. I always suggest parks/movies/coffee.

  • Somewhere public and doing something that doesn't drag on for too long, such as meeting for coffee.

  • If we facetime and I know it's not a 40 year old serial killer catfish thing, either of our houses watching a movie or something seems chill. Time to talk and shit, I have heard of guys suggesting late night jogs hahahaha.

    • Lol ok after that. & I mean from a girls stand point. How do I know you don't have a gang of guys there to run a train on me? Jesus. Or kidnap me & I'm in your sound proof basement?

    • She can just suggest somewhere else lol. Oddly enough my room is actually 'fairly' good with sound lol.

    • Nothing wrong with a train as long as u consent to it, right, Asker? :-P

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  • Coffee or froyo.. stay in the public eye. Never ever go to his house.. also if u get av getting the slightest off feeling about the guy i would not meet with him :/