I really liked this girl but she kinda took me for granted, at 1st it was good, we were texting and calling each other, she used to write me poems and all that then suddenly she tried to play "busy" when she isnt. she is a student and im even more busier than her but she's trying to fake as if she is very busy. Recently wasn't taking my calls, texting back or anything the i decided not to contact her anymore, it was difficult and painful at 1st but i went through it until after two weeks of no contact, she suddenly texted and sent me a voice note explaining why she is being scarce, and the reason being she is busy with exams and she said we should hook up with something. Do you think she is interested in me or she an attention seeking hoe? I still like her but not as before, my attention and feeling for her is not as great as it was and i moved on so im scared to get back then she do the same things again that kept me frustrated.


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  • DOnt take evry thing seriously... let things go on as usual , don't keep on txting always, or she might find u bored... take some tym... I guess she's just trying to get attention...


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  • Some like to play 'hard to get' which just causes a loss of interest for me entirely. Yeah I don't know people seem to like pretending they are so busy and important, if she texted ya first she might be, just playing the childish game of "im so hard to get" or she just can't balance exams with a simple reply.

    • Thanks bro. This hard to get game is so childish, i wish these girls knew that. It caused me to lose interest as well, im not even attempted to give her a call, she sent the text 6 days ago and i haven't replied yet.

    • Haha well at the very least you can make her sweat it out as well. Goodluck