Why do people only date a certain "preference" race of people? Aren't people just people?

Why is it that by statistics standards in America-White Women, Asian Women, Indian Women, and Latino Women mostly light skinned are more desirable. And Black women are least desirable. I heard that in other countries they desire black women more compared to America.

I always thought women were just women regardless of color. there is ugly and beautiful... Smart and stupid in every race. So I do not understand why people discriminate and say they have "preferences"(understand preferences-smart, hardworking, etc.. but this is often stated differently) which really means you are just putting people in a box due to positive and negative stereotypes and what your family says. I hope that in the future america will be better and we won't have to hear men of every color say " I only date -Insert Race Here-" or " I only prefer -Insert Race Here".
Here some stuff I found that really made me ask this question:

Buzzfeed: "This Eye-opening Video Shows That Racial Bias Alive And Well In the World of Online Dating"
and "Online Dating's Icky " Yellow Fever" Fetishists"

Thank you all for your answers I really appreciate it. ^_^.


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  • People usually date the same race as themselves. I don't think it a preference thing. For some it is but for most it's more circumstantial.
    For example, I'm white and I've never dated anyone who wasn't white, well I did date someone who could be considered middle eastern but she looked white.
    Anyway, the point is that I haven't only dated white people because of preference but because of my circumstances, I don't know any women of other races so I've never really had the chance. I don't have a racial fetish either so I haven't tried to seek out certain races.

    Another reason is cultural differences. When I dated the middle eastern girl, I felt very uncomfortable around her family and I'm sure they didn't approve of her dating me being a white guy.


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  • I personally am just not attracted to black women. I physically do not find them appealing with their facial structure and, not to be racist, skin tone. I'm Mexican and don't even really like Latinas all that much to be honest.

    Stereotypes don't play a huge role because I don't think "Oh, well she's black so she's probably ghetto, obnoxious, and dumb" but if a black woman or ANY woman is noticeably like that then I can't be attracted to them.

  • i mean i personally do not find middle eastern people attractive or most Indian people attractive (no native americans) i mean people have there preferences towards who they wish to be with. yes people are people but some people, by either society's standards or your families standards or your own standards, have traits or other attributes that make them more desirable. i have no answer, only speculation on why these things are the way they are.

  • Its sad to say but at the end of the day, all you can do is be you hope for the best. Keep your chin up girl.

  • Most organisms select genetically similar mates. If black women are seen as less attractive overall, it perhaps has to do with the fact that they outnumber black men (even more so discounting the incarcerated population) more than women of other races outnumber men of their own race.

    • I don't think that is correct. You should see the USA gov. census.

    • You know to divide, not subtract, right?

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  • People are just people that's right.

    But if im "just dating/hookup " i wouldn't care what race they are

    but if im in a serious one there's more to think about than just saying "people are just people "... its a lot deeper than that especially if you're from a very strong culture... there's family groups , nationality etc to think of too... to me culture is a very major thing which influences my preference