Would guys date me considering my flaws? please read carefully?

ok here it goes... so please dont be rude or give silly answers.

i am a really nice girl, i like to go out and have a care free fun, eat food, play video games, paint, swim, workouts are my hobbies,

as for my nature, im sensitive and emotional, but i can keep up with the most high compromise in a relationship, i know what the other person needs even if they dont know it.

now as for my flaws, im can be rude due to misunderstanding, and i intend to repeat things again and again, i am slow so the other person has to explain things to me most of the time...

as for my worst flaw, i suffer from depression and low self esteem since i was a teen, iv been to professional thearapy, they say it can take up to 5 years for me to get treated.

this happend coz when i was younger, if i didn't to somthing right, my mother would attack on the way i look and compare me to other kids, saying they are better and smarter,

so now that im grownup, 23, when i was with my ex who was my first bf for the last 3 years, every girl he liked or crushed i would compare myself to her, but never told him coz it would be pointless. but its got even worse he left me for a gilr who looks like megan fox so my self esteem suffers more from that.

me and my ex new eacother since we were kids, we started dating when we were in our early 20's, he was the only guy i dated... but considering my high compromise the relationship lasted long due to it.

now that he left me for looks, and all the effort i put in for him, i can't compromise any longer for any one else,...

but over all would other guys still date me? i dont have much experiance coz i only dated one guy...

and please no rude or silly answers

and thats me in my avatar...


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  • Honestly we all have our baggage, its what makes us who we are. If someone really loves you or wants you for you they will accept that and not hold it against you. As long as you are making an effort to combat those issues things are fine. if someone is going to hold who they are with at arms length the entire relationship then there is an issue.
    I can say that your ex bf is an idiot. It also seems he thought it was ok to comment on every girl he saw. Honestly when I am with someone I only see them. I dont look, I dont crush, i dont anything. I will acknowledge someone is pretty, but they aren't the woman I am with so its moot. I only want who I am with, and thats it.

    Physical apprearence only goes so far for me. Its the person's heart, the personality and what it is that makes them who they are. Thats what makes them beautiful. Someone who is humble, confident, and tender. Someone who can have an intelligent conversation. Thats what see as beautiful. If your ex bf was only worried about himself as it seems, then you are better off with out him.

    I would love to date someone who I can talk to. If I have to explain things, thats fine. I have nephews who are range in ages so I am used to it. I am a big fan of communication and I will always make sure that my point is clear, so there are no misunderstandings. I just dealt with that recently and its a nightmare. Considering that she said she was a big fan of communication, but couldnt and wouldn't talk about things. You sound like someone I could and would like to get to know.
    Its not over looking the flaws, its accepting them. If you love someone you love them for all their merits and flaws. Not just the positive. Because we are not always going to be at our best, and sometimes we will get grumpy. (I get grumpy in the mornings without coffee). But you accept them for who they are.


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  • yes other guys would definitely still date you! and im positive you will find a real "man". an actual man. your ex is a dickfuck:P you will find that guy who makes you feel whole and like the world was created for you two.

  • That's what cool about life kid... it all gets better, than worse, then better... and so on. You will be just fine like any other girl going through breakup. Your self esteem is shot due to the guy leaving you for a prettier girl, with time it will heal and you will regain yourself back.

    And for the love of god, stop focusing of boys and love and blah blah blah... focus on YOURSELF, learn to love yourself, explore your abilities and enjoy life... love will come knockin' eventually...

  • your guy was an idiot, seriously.
    I would love to date a girl like you, explaining things is not a problem i have a brother who is 15years younger then me plus i love kids so i actually enjoy explaining.
    Depression well if you would compare yourself to everyone then we will surely have a problem because i might have crushes on someone for their looks but its not the looks that define a person its the personality that does.

    • my bad flaw: i could stand him if he crushed on another girl coz of her look.

    • couldnt*

    • who can? most girls loose there cool when they hear another girls name, let alone being praised... Its not a flaw its a natural reflex to keep your man in line so u can even kick him in the balls and u would be justified if he is crushing on another girl for looks

  • You mention depression and self esteem as your major issues.

    Depression is an issue if it causes you to become so self-focused that you're not giving. From your description, that's not the case.

    Self-esteem for girls is an issue if it causes you to not do things because of your self esteem. If you do things in a shy way, many guys find that cute.

    • i am a shy girl, i forgot to mention that, lol

  • Apart from your self esteem issues, you sound perfectly fine.

    It's a shame how much we humans allow a handful of other people to define us and how we feel about ourselves. Your mother and one boyfriend. Two people. Kind of fucked up if you think about it.

    • ''apart from my self esteem'' which is the main thing and flaw, you think other guys would run away from that?

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    • ''him be constanly down about his looks'', no i would be oh so happy with that even though i find him atttactive, but since im shy and quit iv alway like confident men.

    • i wouldnt*

  • of course there is a guy somewhere for you no matter what your flaws are!!

    As what I can see there isn't anything wrong with the way you look!!

  • Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, and the vast majority having some nasty ones. It's called being human.

    If said girl had what I look for in a woman, and I really like her, those "flaws" would be very easy for me to overlook.

  • You're really pretty and you sound amazing.

  • Sounds like your a nice person not to dissimilar to my other half. It sounds like you have a low self esteem and confidence issues, which being in a similar relationship 90% of the time isn't an issue. It can get frustrating when the lack of confidence hinders activities, but most guys who are in it for the long haul know it comes with time.

  • as there are many different types of women there are different types of men.
    the question shouldn't be "would a guy date me considering my flaws" it should be "will i find a quality guy worthy of me"
    because thats the question all women should ask.


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  • Your ex is superficial, lack the eyes to notice a good girl. Such guy is best without with but anyone in your shoes would feel back and might also think poorly on themselves. You are not plain average girl like what you said in one of your posts. I believe there are guys who would see the good in you. I know and understand it is hard to move on immediately but I promise that time heal most of thr things in our lives. Focus on developing your personality because to me that is the key to get a good guy however many girls still think looks are everything.
    I had been put down a lot when I was small, people mocked at my appearance so I had low self esteem but it improved over the years , I still had insecurities it isn't that bad as before.

    Megann fox girl would leave him in matter of time...

    • this was very helpful, i will choose this as most helpful :)

  • They'll say they can handle that stuff. They'll think they can. But when it gets hard they will leave. Lol

  • Yeah they would. the is a special guy out there who won't mind you flaws. u can also use the experience u got from the first relantionship