Should I go to my first date by car (a very nice car) and well dressed or show up in casual wear and take the bus?

Explain why or why not plz.


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  • It depends on the girl, you need to figure out who you're dealing with. Personally, I am a simple girl, hence I like it pretty simple, so the casual outfit and the bus or car would be fine. But I wouldn't mind a more formal date either (as long as you gave me the heads up, so I could dress accordingly). You should discuss with her where she would like to go, and, from there, you'll sort out the rest of the details.


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  • U can only make a FIRST impression ONCE so unless u DONT really like the guy put your best foot forward OR if u DONT want him to see u have NICE stuff car and clothes - then go casual and take the bus if u dont want him to know or like u basked on your $$$$$

  • Definatly by car, first impressions are vital! A girl will not be too impressed if you take her on a date by bus! An ideal date would be by car but maybe casual wear unless you're taking her to an expensive restaurant! Good luck!

    • I don't want her to fall in love with the money rather than me - that's the problem.

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