Why does he do/say this?

So I moved in with my bf after two months of dating. He is the one that asked me to move in. We live on his parents farm and I use to live in town at my parents. A couple months ago I asked him if he wanted me to move in because he was worried I'd go out to the bar in town n he said yeah. We have been dating a year. He sometimes says OUR House but then sometimes he says my house (meaning him). Like when he talks to someone about it he will be say his house most the time. Which yes it is his house but since I live there he could say ours. If he did that once in awhile I wouldn't mind but he does it most the time. I have asked him before if he wants me to move out and he says no. Just like sometimes he will get mad at me n say something about his house or give me my remote or quit hogging my bed. Then recently he wants to get a dog. A few nights ago he said we might get a dog. But now it seems to be just his again. It's 500 and I'm sure he will pay for the whole thing cuz it's a hunting dog n he's the one that wants it
. I wouldn't mind helping pay 100 or so. But not all of it. Then this morning I asked if he was going to get it Friday n he's like maybe. Then I asked if I can name her n he's like I don't know we will see when a couple nights ago he said "so what u gonna name her". I just don't get why he says ours but then sometimes says just his. Why does he do this?

We have been dating a year now


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  • I think maybe he's just doing this without realizing/thinking about it and you're overthinking it. try giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one but if it annoys the crap out of you, which is kinda annoyed me just reading it, then mention it.


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  • You're young, he's young. Talking is the best medicine for both new and old relationships. Tell him how you feel and how it makes you feel when he says mine vs. ours. For my wife and I, we were able to get to that place easily. When we moved in together we decided to get a joint bank account, so everything really was, ours.


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  • He isn't used to live with you. This is going to take time to both of you. He just does this because he isn't used sharing his stuff with others.

    • We have been dating a year so he should be use to it.

    • I've read that you are, but he isn't used to live with you 24/7. He needs his space because moving in is a great big step for a realtionship.