If he doesn't reach out to me before he leaves does that mean he doesn't care about me?

We have lots of history together over the last four years, we were seeing eachother twice, hooking up and having sex many times. He told that he likes me and has always liked me a year ago. now he always says things to me like "do you love me" or "love me" and i just ignore it and he says he's joking.. he told me a year ago he plans on marrying me and brings up the future with us together. everytime he sees me he's always flirty and playful with me and tries to kiss me when he is drunk. i finally kissed him a few days ago when we were out. he said he wanted to hangout before he leaves, he leaves in two days and hasn't reached out to me. if he doesn't before he leaves, does this mean he doesn't genuinely care about me?


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  • It can just as easily mean that he's been so stressed out that he hasn't even had time to think about it.

    You don't know the reasons why he haven't called you.
    Don't jump to conclusions that everything he does has something to do with you.


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  • Yes, that's what it would mean, but if he does see you, it means that seeing you right before leaving won't make him think about you and miss you. So, either way, you should just move on.


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  • I have a feeling that I already answered this question. Duplicate questions are prohibited on GAG!

    Not necessarily. It could mean he is too busy to go on a date with you before he goes. Do not fret, I am sure he will go on a date with you before he goes.