Does he still like me? please help! (mostly aimed towards guys to answer this but anyone is cool lol)

ok so there is this guy who liked me a year ago (about) and we have been really good friends for a while and recently I've fallen in a deep crush on him and I don't know if he still likes me at first i didn't think so but last Saturday we were with all our friends (6 guys 2 girls) for this high school orientation thing and we got put in the same group and all his friendds were like ohhhhhhh and now idek what to think any help on if he likes me/ how i should talk to him would be awesome thanks


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  • "Accidentally" walk into him, and then talk to him


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  • You didn't really give us any details that can lead to us thinking whether he likes you or not but if he likes you finding out shouldn't be hard. Try to notice the little things. Like if he's looking at you when you aren't noticing or stuff like that. Still, 1 year is a lot of time and things might have changed. One thing's for sure, though. If he doesn't like you now the only thing you have to do is go out with him. Crushes rarely occur naturally.


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  • I do believe they were teasing about you thus signifying they might know that he still likes you.

    You could go up to a friend of yours or his in front of him and see his reaction.

    If you and I were near him and you say "I heard (your crush) is a pretty cool guy. I wish I could find a guy like that" and then see if he heard you or not.