Dating to just friends?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month now, I hooked up with him drunk at a party (we didn't have sex but we came close) and then he asked me out. I was sceptical at first cause I'm honestly not that attracted to him but he was a mutual friend and Iknew he was a good guy so I conceded. It was actually a really good date and I really enjoyed his company. Since then we've hung out a few times, kissed a bit, but nothing like the first night. The problem is that I'm still not that invested in him, he texts/calls me all the time just wanting to talk, which is so lovely, but honestly I can't be bothered half the time. I think I like his attention more than I like him, so ultimately I'll just end up hurting him, therefore I think I need to end it sooner than later. I still would really like to remain his friend though. Is this even possible? Had anyone got any personal experience in the area? What would you suggest is the best venue/time to do it?


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  • I think you need to just end it as you said. Don't bother trying to be fiends with him. Just tell him the truth. You've tried to make it work, but just aren't feeling it.

  • omg hooked up = fucked. I wouldn't really do the friends thing but if you don't like him I wouldn't torture yourselves.


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