Should I believe it when he says this?

My bf and I have been dating a little over a year. Which he didn't even buy me anything for our anniversary. I moved in with him after two months of dating which he is the one that asked me. We fight probably more then what other couples that have been dating this long since of the whole moving in to soon. Sometimes he can be a jerk. Which I think just runs in the family cuz his dad is the same way and his mom tells me that. Well sometimes I feel he doesn't want to be with me by the way he acts. He always says he wants to be with me and he hopes we are together forever. Well his mom and I rode up to the lake together and we were talking about stuff. She told me how hI'm and his ex went to counseling to try n see if it would help their relationship cuz she cheated on him couple times. Well he ended up breaking up with her because he wasn't in love with her anymore. His mom and I then got on the subject of him saying he wants to be with me forever and I said something along the lines of I'm sure he said that to his ex to. And she didn't say anything. So I'm guessing he did. But should I believe it when he says that or not?


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  • I think in the most part he does mean what he says. I honestly don't believe it when gf says that unless we are together longer than a couple years, but I understand them thinking that. When I decide to be with someone the plan is to have a lifelong relationship but I usually hold off on actually saying that until its been awhile.


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  • believe it when he says it
    if he wanted a fling he would have made you leave the house.

  • Why would you move in with a guy after only two months of dating? This guy sounds like he a lot of baggage he i bringing into this relationship you need a guy that can qualify for the rules of "no carry on baggage" to date you.

    • What do u mean by the whole baggage deal? And he is the one that asked me. I know it was to soon and we should of waited longer.

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    • Well he did say that he was worried that id go to the bar. Since my parents lived in town and he lived on his parents farm. He was trying to get with me 5 months before we started dating and he has seen me in the bars n how guys flirt with me n he wasscared to lose me. We live in a small town as well.

    • I'm sorry he sounds very selfish its all about what he wants what about what you want there is no ring on your finger no marriage license if I were you I would move out and move on.

  • No, he's feeding you a standard line.


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