How can I keep an online chat going?

So I was talking to this guy online and I know people think it's dangerous and stuff but I have skyped with him I know he ain't a pido.

Any way that's not the point I was wondering how to keep the chart alive cause every after a while we both go silent cause we have nothing to say and were like 'sooo...' And if I ask to many questions he might get uncomfortable so how can I keep it alive help!!!


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  • The key is being able to bring up different topics, and to expand on already mentioned topics.


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  • talk, ask as many questions as you can because that is the only way you will keep the chat alive

    • Thank you very much am glad it's normal to ask a lot of questions

  • Pido.. lol
    There are very few people I can't talk to on Skype haha, questions are a good way to break the silence, just keep building on what was said.


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