Birthday gift to her!!?

I need to buy a interesting gift to my girlfriend, please suggest me some, I'm not her type, I'm only just a friend to her, I professed and got rejected by her, but still i'm still feeling the same. and her birthday is nearing, I'm going to do that again! What shoud i do? and How should I do?


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  • A bouquet and a jack-in-a-box. Make sure the box looks like a ring box!!

    • Good idea!! i'm good in makin it myself!!! thanks a lot

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    • What? That's what I call unthankful! That girl... How could she waste your effort? :(( Now I really want to cry :( Thanks for MH btw! :) But I'm really sorry it didn't work out :(

    • Im Okay!! but still she is still saying that i would b one of her gud friends!! but she is my only Everything!! hearing that from her is the most irritating thing


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  • Ouch. Rough place you are in... I would be careful because this could be totally awkward and painful if she denies you romantically...

    If you get her anything and are going to ask her out, get her flowers and then follow it up with an invitation to dinner.

    • Having her time is really a great problem, Bcoz her mom doubts me and never let me reach her. She can't get out of her house on that day, as she will be surrounded with her complete family!! she could not have time not more than 5 to 10 minutes out of her house with me...

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    • No. Lol I am taking someone I am talking to out this weekend and his birthday was Monday.

    • Thanks a lot!!!

  • Don't get her shit.


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