How to let him know i'm interested? Need advice please!!?

I've recently been talking to this guy that i find attractive. He seems so nice and down to earth when i'm talking to him. I've broken up with my boyfriend awhile now and i'm new to all this so i have no idea what to be saying or even to throw hints. Should i ask him for his number? I mean i don't know if he knows im interested in him and vice versa!


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  • You could use the power of words that women on average use 20,000 of a day and include this simple sentence in your total "I like you a lot, wanna go out with me" You have the ability to say it so what is stopping you, practice if you want so you get it right. I'm 100% confidence he will a) understand what you mean and b) 80-90% confident that he will say yes. The only reason he won't is a) he has a girlfriend already and is commitedl to that relationship b) you are not very attractive but even that won't stop some guys because the novelty of being asked out by a girl is so much to resist and so unlikely to happen to guy he will feel the need to reward you for you assertiveness.

    Of course you could always do the several weeks worth over elaborate and pointless non verbal signals to try and get him to 'figure it out' to save your having to brave for less than 30 seconds and have him being confused because it is no different to behaviour his friends who are girls and not into him that way do so why would he assume you are any different...

    Make the smart choice! Chose EMOTION BRAVERY! :-)


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  • Definitely go for it and just remember this is a new guy so it's a fresh start, only use you ex experience to make things better this time round and learn from the mistakes. Oh, and good luck!

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you! I decided to ask after reading your comment so fingers crossed!

  • Give him some signs, for example glance at him with a nice smile. Try to talk to him more often, etc. If it comes down to the point where you feel things are getting hotter but he isn't making any moves, then definitely ask him for his phone number.

  • If you're already friends with him on Facebook, this is going to sound awful, but take a really good, revealing, sexy photo of yourself in a bikini or your underwear and randomly message the image privately to him by text or Facebook. Two minutes later reply saying "OMG my friend sent that behind my back as a joke, sorry. I'm so embarrassed." Now completely ignore him for a few days to make it look like you're genuinely not interested and you really are embarrassed. If a girl sent me this it would drive me ABSOLUTELY crazy, even if I knew her friend sent it for a joke. It creates sexual tension which is vital to get a guy to like you. I like loads of girls but I would only date a girl that I have sexual tension/desire for because it makes me really want her. After you send it I bet you any money he'll do the chasing (I know I would) and you then just have to play hard to get.


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