Help! I've lost interest in dating and don't know what to do?

After a long term relationship that went bad and a shorter one that didn't work out... I've lost the desire to date. It's been 8 months since I've been involved with anyone.

Has that ever happened to you? What'd you do about it?


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  • That almost always happens to me after a relationship ends. I lose interest... and I just wait it out. I'm not the kind of person who can't handle not being in a relationship. Some girls I know seem to breeze through boyfriends and get upset when they don't have one... I've never understood it. There's nothing wrong with taking a little break from dating.

    • I love being single, but I worry I just won't ever date again :S

    • Hahah, I wouldn't worry about that. Someone'll come along and get you interested again sooner or later!


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  • Yeah, it happens, just give it time.


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  • Happened to me too I just took that as a sign that I needed to be alone for a while to focus on myself and I will know when I 'm really ready to date again. Even though it's been almost a year now I still feel this way I do think about it but I don't really desire it right now because I have other stuff going on.