Guys could you help me out? Has he lost interest?

I met a guy around 6 weeks ago. We text nearly everyday and talk on the phone 2-3 days a week for a couple of hours. He said that he usually doesn't talk on the phone as much as we do unless he's in a relationship. We have yet to see each other because I went to a different state the day after I met him but will be back in the same state as him this week. We texted all day a few days ago then I called him & he never answered. He has yet to call or text me since. I know that there is someone else involved because he said that he had sex with someone else a few weeks ago but I just calmly stated that he could do what he wanted since we weren't together. Has he lost interest? Or maybe he chose the other girl?


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  • Im in similar situation but there's no other girl as far as I know my guy works alot. An does answer calls. Does he work long hours, ?

    • What's your situation? && he doesn't work long hours he works 4-5 hours Monday -Friday

    • he's full of crap then. He has time to text and see you. No excuse. An may have gone for the other girl