Do I need to ignore him and move on or confront him about what he wants?

I've been dating this guy for a couple of months now. We live about two hours from another and met on an online dating site. We met up in June and went out on a date. However, due to his busy schedule and mine we haven't been back out since June only skyped twice since then. We text each other almost everyday and do snapchat. We're both each others tops on there... however, being with him these past couple of months I've only reached a superficial level with him. I want someone I can connect to emotionally as well. I'm wondering if I should stop communication with him all together since this is moving nowhere. Or should I confront him and ask him what he is looking for at the moment. I want to try another date and wanted to ask him this weekend but I dont even know if its worth it.


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  • I think it's a bitchy move to just stop communication. If you're not feeling it, then tell him. Say exactly what you wrote in your question.


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  • I've had this same type of relationship before and it sucks because even though you may like this guy and you are relatively located near each other, you have to find someone who fits into your life with ease. Trust me it's not easy, I'm still working on it ! Lol. If you try to force it is just going to continue to create doubt and issues that should not be there this early on. I would just let him know it's not working and wish each other luck !


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  • I think you need to tell him the truth - don't lead people on