If a guy never gets liked by any girls, what is he doing wrong?

Is it mainly his confidence or attitude or looks? If it's a mix, which is the most significant?

  • Lack of confidence
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  • Bad attitude/personality
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  • Below average looks
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  • I said bad attitude/personality because that is SUCH a turn off. If he's trying to get me to go away, then believe it, it works.

    I also think that if the guy is nice and has some confidence it's because he's trying to hard. I remember this old movie called Rock n' Roll highschool where Tom, the highschool hero tries everything under the sun to impress a girl and it fails. It's because we KNOW you're trying to impress us. We find it more attractive and become interested when we see a guy's goal in life isn't to try and snag a chick. When his interests are on other things that make him unique, it's then we find him attractive and get curious.

    • So the best thing to do is to not flirt and just try and make friends?

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    • Lol I was asking about girls approaching guys.

    • Well you never said that to me. Your question/poll was about what a guy is doing wrong, and I gave my opinion and said if he's bothering a girl to leave her alone. Now you're telling me this about girls approaching guys? I'll keep it simple then I'm leaving this topic: if you try to hard, a girl will notice it and be put off. If you keep talking to her, and she's not it to it, leave her alone. If she approaches you and seems interested, then you've got a green light. These are all very tell-tale signs on how to know if people like you or not. Continuing to talk to you or avoiding you - you should be able to know which one means interested and which one means not interested. That's all. Have a good night, and good luck.


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What Girls Said 3

  • wait until your older, have a degree and more money - then go for the best girls.

  • always the bad personality. the other two options are forgivable

  • That's not possible... sorry its not there always a girl even if its one that like u even if u don't know her she likes u she just doesn't tell u plain and simple and looks don't even matter there's always at least one trust me

    • How do you know that?

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    • Are you sure. What about socially awkward or ugly people?

    • Even them lol I know a lot of socially awkward people... and I know some of the prettiest girls with the most ugliest guys but if a guys socially awkward or ugly once a girl gets to know him or just even talks to him once they don't really see or care what he looks like

What Guys Said 3

  • For starters believing in the stupid notion that no girls could ever like him.

    Girls are not as difficult as most boy makes them out to be, sure girls are complicated but not not really hard to get.

  • its high time he should take a break and think about what he is doing

  • Man ! I don't wanna despair you but it's the thruth ! girls love hot guys only ! so don't believe those who tell you that you just need confidence or good personality , they only love guys who are handsome and hot
    if you 're not good looking , girls won't love you :/
    watch this video you'll undersatnd everything (youtube) /watch? v=30szDPcLjLQ
    It's really sad , life isn't fair

    • Which one are you?

    • The good lookig one or the ugly one?