How to become more appealing to women?

So basically I'm an overweight guy who's had a run of bad luck with women since being in great shape in college. However, my issue there was I was a shy guy, and the girls who asked me out were always stuck up. I'm really unattracted to that type of personality, but I'm kind of a shallow person myself on appearances. I've taken backa more active lifestyle, and have hit the gym moderately for the last 5 months, not an everyday goer as I once was.

Honestly, I think I am one of the most chilled out people in the world, and cando with or without most things... Maybe that's part of my problem?

I guess the last part here, it's not just women, but I absolutely love Asian and Pasific Island women. Yes their looks have something to do with it, but also their accents and typically their genuine and honesty I see in most of them. Of course everyone is different and racially clumping everyone doesn't work, but it does seem like it's a majority.

Please help, I'm kind of at a loss right now on what I need to do or change.


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  • I am in college, now and I hate talking to girls. They aren't mean but its tough to flirt when you're inexperienced. Talk to women who fit that mold of Asian and Pacific Island but also talk to women who aren't like that.

    The broader the range of women you talk to the most likely you'll be successful one of the few sites that I've found "legitimate" on this type of advice is Good Looking Loser.

    I'd ignore the stuff on steroid and male enhancement. But keep hitting the gym and keep talking to as many women as you can, results will show.

    But their tips on style, fitness, and flirting actually seem to work, it isn't a "pick up" artists type of deal.
    The guy gets detailed on why certain things help attract women better than other methods.


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  • Just go here:

  • Keep getting fit and keep meeting people.


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  • Lose weight, hit the gym, and work on your confidence.