Is it weird im kinda scared to make out with my boyfriend?

I'm 16 and he's my first one so I'm not that experienced either. I wanna make out with him ! And I have made out with him a few times, but its only been for a few seconds, cuz i pull away quickly. =.= I would like to do it longer & I know he wants to do it for more than a few seconds too! but I'm scared. What if i mess up?


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  • Relax girl! Kissing comes quite naturally! 😊 Don't rehearse for it. At your young age it's a wonderful experience. Enjoy those 'firsts' before they lose their luster. You parents, grandparents, and all who came before them did not take tutorials on how to hold, kiss and embrace someone. And yet somehow they made it! You will too, so just close your eyes, embrace your bf, and give him that clumsy sloppy kiss. I guarantee he's not going to complain!
    Enjoy your life and don't make it so complicated.


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  • You'll always be afraid then, because how else will you learn? Can't higher a tutor because that'd be cheating lol. I'm my girlfriend's first bf and trust me us guys DO NOT judge if you can't do something without experience. I myself have only had one other gf so we both weren't the greatest, but we learned to improve together. I actually sat her down and discussed French kissing but she didn't feel comfortable and I was alright with that. Talk to him. Tell him your fears, otherwise you seem prude or show that you aren't into him,

    Good luck!

  • There's really nothing to mess up. Just let him lead and do whatever he does. My girlfriend is the inexperienced too, but I still love kissing her. Good luck!


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