Never kissed a girl and have a second date?

Ok so I'm wondering when a girl is going to start wanting a kiss? I've never kissed a girl before. Our first date ended with her giving me a hug:) I was thinking of kissing her on the cheek for the second date. I'm afraid I may screw up kissing on the lips and mess up everything.


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  • The whole kissing thing is (in my opinion) overrated in the sense that a first kiss pretty much comes natutally I think. Same goes for knowing if she wants to: you'll know if she does.


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  • I'm assuming the first date went well. If the second goes well she will probably expect a kiss, but a kiss on the cheek is fine. Third date though is kind of the last chance. If you haven't kissed her by the end of your third date then she might think something is wrong or you're not into her. Just be confident and go for it. If you've gone on two or three dates she obviously has some interest in you. The first kiss with anyone new is kind of awkward so don't stress, it can only get better.