Rejection rejection!?

So im 22, i won't say im not good looking because guys are attrackted to me , and people do think im funny and smart, i go to school and work and im very independant but I've never had a bf. I meet guys we go on dates they have fun etc and after few days they pull away. This one guy pulled away because he was 28 and was ready to settle down and thought i was to young. This other guy pulled away after 5 dates, after saying he liked me and wanted to spend more time with me , but than told me he wasn't looking for anything serious. I've slept with 3 guys my whole life and i dont party a lot and im not slutty.
So why is it that no one wants to "put a ring on it"
am i that horrible?
I know it might sound like im dating the wrong guys but the last guy i dated was so perfect and we had an amazing time together and suddently he pulled away, i understand maybe its because he got out of a 6 year rel last year but she has moved on and so should he.. im not clingy and i give space, i like my space aswell.. so what the hecccckkkk

So now im all hesitant to date.. because i dont want to get rejected again and be hurt. Im fine being alone i guess.. I've always been alone so i know how to live my life like that, but sometimes the thought of someone caring for me is nice


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  • I'm sorry honey, but that isn't rejection. You want to feel better go find a guy and ask him out. If that doesn't work out, do it again. Repeat as necessary. Trust me dating someone then discovering its just isn't working out, or your not right for yourself than going up to someone and getting rejected. Every. Single. God. Damn. Time. Then you start acting like an asshole and bullshit your ways through these encounters and start succeeding. All you want to do after that is to stare into a camera into the auidence of the world and give the facial expression of "really?"

    I'm sorry if I'm treating your complaint as trite, but it is. You got nothing to complain about, your doing great. You're worrying too much, just go with the flow and try to find Mr. Right, than get your heart broken realizing there's no such thing. Then look for Mr. Opposite and watch it crash and burn. Then give but suddenly some random guy shows up and is nothing like you imagined but fits you like no one else. Or find the next guy your next date, you never know. Its about how may times you get knocked down, but whether you get your ass back up. And its such a great ass you don't want to waste it for sitting.


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  • just keep swimming, that's basically it. so many people can seem so great but if it didn't work out then it didn't work out for a reason even though they are so great, so its not that it doesn't make sense or that you are the problem, it just is what it is sometimes. im sure you're a great girl but you just gotta keep at it.

    • I feel like maybe im the girlfriend material chick and not the one night stand type.. and guys go on dates to get some.. and end up noticing that im not like that.. and maybe they fall and run away?

    • im sure that's been the case for some if you make it clear to them that they aren't getting sex easily soon.

  • Dafuq. Hot chick getting rejected? You sure you hot? Gotta see to tell

  • we are amazingly same


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  • When someone is way off your age its reasonable why they pull away. I mean its possible to have a relationship but its a VERY different agenda as in different doings. And the second guy sounds like he's undecided on what he wants from what it sounds like. And stop thinking that you're a horrible person, its not you.

    • the first guy i totally understand. But the second guy.. i mean why keep dating when you know you dont want anything out of it, until you realize you have developed feelings and run away

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    • I know i know but im just afraid of looking because they all end up doing the same thing

    • Coming from a guys perspective I guess they get tired of it of on what they've tried before like you mentioned him, dating five times. And sometimes you gotta go through things to get what you want. Maybe the first, second guy may have rejected you but it doesn't always mean the third guy will. Or on the next guy until you keep trying.