I told a guy that I'm speak to from another state that he is too far and his reply was "Go look for someone close then." what should reply to that?

He is ex, he is coming to NY to see me in September, we have been talking for a year now.


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  • Means he feels he's not good enough for you and basically gave the "then f it. I'm too far, then I'm too far. Why waste your time on me"


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  • He simply means he want's you to be happy so if he is to far away for you and you don't want him because of that then you should find someone that will make you happy who is closer to you.


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  • If thats what he wants then go for it. Long distance relationship dont work unless both of you are ready to face the challenge, the ups and downs of it. But am agree with you he us too far, so you do deserve someone closer to see everyday, kiss hug etc. He just been a jerk. Let him go. Move on.