Can a wet kisser improve/get better with instruction?

Starting dating a guy. We kissed for the first time after our 2nd date, but he uses all tongue, and it's a bit too wet.
Next I was thinking of taking "control" and not letting him enter his tongue as much. Then if he still needs more hints, whispering "slower" and if it's still too wet, saying "I really like kissing you, but can you make it less wet?".

Ladies, have you ever had a wet/sloppier kisser? Please tell me it is not doomed!


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  • Yes but you have to show them and they have to want to be shown. Just like sex.


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  • A bad kisser will learn if you lead them. Take a bit of control and show him what you want. He will probably match to your speed and intensity if you keep at it for a bit. It is not doomed!

  • You could try to guide him a bit, maybe you could try to tell him that his kisses are a bit wet and if he could slow it down a bit