Can I have a normal relationship with a guy that weighs a lot more then me?

This guy is so sweet and has a lot in common with me but I'm just wondering if me and him could have a real relationship even tho he's bigger by a lot and if so how


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  • I'm just throwing this out there: My boyfriend weighs exactly twice as much as I do (he's also over a foot taller). We've been together for 3 years. We make it work.

    I'm sure that situation isn't for everyone, but weight really shouldn't matter. It only becomes an issue if one of them is at an unhealthy weight.


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  • If you like him, then weight is not an issue.
    Maybe you will provide the confidence they need to loose some of the weight?
    You clearly like him, so put it out of your mind and enjoy him x


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  • yeah its possible. weight shouldn't be a factor if you two already know how you feel about each other.

    • What do you mean how we feel bout each other I'm one of those skinny girls and it's not more his weight as he puts no effort In to how he looks

    • simply put; if you like each other thats all that matters.