Girl knows I like her, giving me mixed response, what next?

o i started texting her since 3 weeks ago, we can really talk on texts, but in real life once i see her i just can't do it, never really had the chance to talk to her alone.

Once i got her to walk some carnival with me, but we talked really little as i'm nervous as fk and i think i screwed up.

Then last week, i asked her to tell me something about her that i didn't know, and she told me 2 guys (mutual friends of ours) that she found "not bad". I asked why she found them not bad and why, she just gaved me the blue faced emoticon and say don't ask. So i was really shocked that she told a guy (me) about this, and sad at the same time, but in the heat of the moment i told her i liked her too. She then told me sorry that she shouldn't have said that to me, and for us it's early and we will just let it be, i totally understand that, there is no way i would have told her that if she didn't tell me such a thing, and we continue to interact as normal.

Fastforward, i asked her to visit a cafe together after lessons, she agreed at first but said she had something to do later. Then her texts structures were horrible, making me misunderstood messages. She wanted to tell me she could go collect that thing another day and go with me, but somehow it became we could go another day, and later on she asked me do i still want to eat at the cafe, and i read it as she's offering me some food she just bought and i turned her down...

Then i asked her out, she sort of avoided the question, the next day i asked her for the answer, she asked for the location and will give me a reply later, after lessons she told me she couldnt go as she had some asisgnment to do, then 10 minutes later after seeing i did not reply despite being online she said sorry.

What should i do now, our real life interactions are quite limited, i am too nervous and shy to talk much to her in real life, but we chatted easily on texts :( also she seems to enjoy talking and be in places that guy is in...


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  • It seems that she likes you but I'm sure that she feels that she is getting mixed signals from you too... Only because this has happened to... The guy would chat with me endlessly but when we got together he would be quiet and distant so it made me think that I was boring him... Try to ask her out one more time and then just try to relax.. Don't make yourself anxious beforehand by thinking about what could go wrong... You've told her that you like her.. now show her!


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  • I'm sorry not to harsh but it sounds like she is hooking you for backup sounds like she's stringing you along. Try doing what she does or obviously flirt with someone in front of her by he reaction she may get jealous either if she keeps it up i say move on.

  • if she's keeps making up excuses or reasons as why she can't see you, it's not a good sign she likes you.
    If she avoided the question when u asked her out, I'm not sure about her reaction. But I don't think it's a good sign that she avoided the question completely. If she doesn't like you back though, maybe she's cautious with you, because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings?

  • I don't think she's that interested in you...


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