Is it wrong for me to seek attention from other ladies? My gf can't and won't give me what I need?

I'm not talking about cheating... Sometimes I just need someone to talk to, to crack jokes with.

I'm doing this behind her back, just chatting randomly with other girls I meet on Whisper.

I feel bad, coz I love her, but we have spoken about this, and she is just not able to show me the kind of attention I seek in a partner, but most of her is awesome.

Part of me wants to break off with her, but its not very fair to break up because she can't show me attention, or is it not fair to myself that I stay in this relationship?


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  • i think you should talk to her again and try make her understand you because after all you are not asking for something crazy. if she can't then you should move on because to be honest i dont think someone can stand this for a lot of time.. i mean we got it you love her and care but if it sometimes makes you feel like it is one sided then at a point you will get tired.. anw good luck:)


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  • Why don't you just get more friends? male and female friends?

    Honestly if your partner doesn't meet your needs you should leave and find someone who is more compatible.

  • Yes it is bc you already admitted part of you wanted to break it off with her so really your motive isn't innocent but what you're really doing is seeking someone else who can fulfill your needs. Ask yourself what would happen if you found a girl with everything you want that wasn't your gf, would you leave or stay?

    • IF the day comes that I can find someone that fits my liking perfectly, my feelings will be swayed i won't lie. However I do love my gf so much now. Some parts of her is so much that I want and like about, but there are as many parts of her that are just void and zero of what I want in a relationship.

      Its like buying a pack of Oreos and you love Oreos, but when you open you only see half a pack of Oreos. You're happy you get to eat the Oreos, but you wish it was a full pack.

      The only reason why I mention I want to break off with her is only because if I continue the way it is, I'll either be really frustrated and wreck this r/s to shreds, or end up being a lifeless lover.

    • I see where you're comin from. I guess it comes down to communicating with her. Either you work it out or don't and have it fall through later. good luck.

  • I do t think it's bad to seek attention but just dont get carried away and end up cheating on her if you guys are in a relationship. And Wym by she can't show you attention and don't break her heart cuz what's the point she deserves your respect as well as hers

    • I won't cheat on her. I love her so much. I breaks my heart that I have to find alternatives to curb my need for attention. I want her attention, but she's seldom the one that texts me and it feels like she has no desire to really do so, calls are getting sparse. She could be on Facebook and not say hi to me even though I'm on Facebook too.

      I really just want to disappear. off the grid. and see how long it'll take her to give a shit about it.

      I do not want anyone else's attention, i want hers, but she can't give it, so what should i do?

    • Well it takes 2 to communicate and seems like she dosent care about how you feel and love is a strong word, how long have you guys known eachother? You just can't love somebody like that and if she has no respect for you maybe you guys should break and you could find someone who respects you more and gives you the attention you want and need

    • dated 7 months... been bf/gf for about coming 4 months.. yes its very early... thats why you'd think we should be in the honeymoon period... if this is it, then i dont know what else is to come... maybe her love curve is different... maybe there's another peak... or maybe its just gona plateau from here on out...

  • I would break it off. If your not content now you won't be later on when it gets worse.

    • I want to work on it... I can't just leave on the first signs of trouble... but I'm wondering if a relationship should be easier to resolve issues... or its always this hard to make it work...

      She said it shouldn't be this hard to make things work... and I can see her despair... her guilt for not being a more loving and expressive type of gf... however another part of her says that she's just not that kind of person...

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  • Fair? Who said anything about love being fair? Got about 10,000,000 songs dedicated to how cruel it is.

    All is fair in love and war my friend.