Girls, will you be able to respect your man after this?

Suppose I am your man and we are discussing about our pasts.
I tell you that I am a virgin (if we haven't had sex yet) and never even kissed a girl. But around some years ago I had sexted with some random girls anonymously online and that included pics of my thing too but it never involved faces and its really a secret because none of my friends know about it. (Just some friends I had shared this with and that too never said it involved pics)
They will never spill the beans because 3 of them are online friends and one girl's biggest secret is there with me and a guy friend whom I haven't said things much in details.
Will you be able to respect me the same way as before after knowing this?


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  • I don't see why you would ever tell someone that you've sexted before... I wouldn't want to know as the girl. I wouldn't even want to know your sex history honestly... That is pointless to me seeing how at the point of the relationship it is about me and you, not me you and our past.

    respect still held - just weirded out.

    • I dont know why but I think I wouldn't be honest with her if I dint let her know everything about my life.

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    • Not at all. I am only going to speak up if she asks me. I am not at all interested in knowing about her past especially if that hurts her.

    • Well then, if it come up and share that information you and your girl will be fine. It may be a little weird but I'm sure because you two have a relationship established , she won't view it the same as me


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  • Yeah, no problem. It's just that, some things are better left unsaid. You were only texting with a girl you don't know, so that wasn't important and not worth sharing with your girlfriend.

    • I won't be saying it out bluntly without any such conversation. But I just needed to know about my past I won't be able to keep it up to me. In that situation what will happen was my question. And I got your reply, which is somehow surprising to me. Because I thought I had lost all my respect. But you guys are making me feel better. Thanks again.

    • *but I just need to know if she asks about my past then I won't be able to keep it upto me.

  • Yupp, wouldn't be a problem.

    • Can't understand women. Really. But anyways thanks dear.
      And you are very pretty. (As much as I can figure out from that b/w pic)

  • Not a problem as long as you don't do it while we're together. :)

  • I wouldn't care if ur still a virgin and never been kissed. Honestly, I rather choose u over men who slept with the world.. ur clean to me. Sexting stuff, honestly, I wouldn't care neither. I dont think u would have to come and tell me that but I would still respect u.

    • That coming from a girl means a lot to me. Thank you. :-)

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    • Ur welcome... And I hope for the best for u in the future.

    • Thanks a lot dear. I wish you the same. :-)

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