I need help with my boyfriend and his best friend plz. Help?

So my boyfriend's best friend and I used to like each other but we were in yms so we couldn't date and now he likes me again and keeps telling my boyfriend lies and he keeps flirting with me I have told him to stop I was really upset one day and he said why are u so upset I said why do u even care and he said because I care about you... what should I do and why does he keep doing this to me


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  • To break you guys up. He wants you obviously. He forgets though that real men, will want their woman happy


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  • Your boyfriends friend is a douche. Tell him to fuck off and stop texting, talking, and being around him. Dont tell your bf about his shitty friend... you will be doing him a favor

    • He knows he is always there when this stuff happens

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    • Because there best friends and he doesn't want it to get in the way of there friendship

    • Psh your bf is a douche then, id never let anyone best friend or not flirt with my girlfriend constantly, once is fine but constant harassment is not okay. You need to tell his friend to stop since your bf doesn't seem to care...

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  • You should tell your boyfriend about you and his best friends history prior to the relationship -- Then explain how you are feeling now.

    Nothing gets accomplished or stays swept under the rug for long when you don't tell 100% of the truth.

    • I told him and he says stuff like that right in front of him like the other day he said I was beautiful and cute and that he cares about me in front of him

    • Maybe there is a way you can turn what he says, in front of your man, around by acknowledging your relationship and making him uncomfortable. But honestly, at that point, I would say something myself like, "Excuse me? Thank you but please don't complement me - that makes me uncomfortable... Especially seeing how my boyfriend is right here." and then turn to your man and see his reaction or give him the - are you going to say something - face.

  • You need to be honest with boyfriend. If you don't it will break the trust that you and your boyfriend have. Tell him that his friend is upset that the two of you are dating and he's sabotaging your relationship. Tell him that your heart only belongs to him. I don't think you should tell him not to be friends anymore but maybe he should talk to his friend.