How long do you guys test the waters before making a move?

how long do you guys play this stupid game for?


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  • 1. feminism means YOU can get off your butt and ask HIM.
    Yeah... equality.

    2. You're over 35 which means that you're not getting as many "hits" as you got in your 20s. Party's over eh?
    Looking for a poor schmuck to settle with?

    3. This is hilarious coming from a woman complaining about shitty games when all women play idiotic mind games with guys in their youth. Now you see what guys have dealt with in their youth.


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  • I know it is frustrating, but unfortunately society has put up this structure where guys have to ask the girls out. Unless you are willing to be a bold woman and approach the guy first, you have to wait until he is ready.

    Now then, the reason a guy may take so long before making a move is because the girl does not make it obvious she likes him. She only uses subtle signs, and guys have a hard time interpreting this. So we really have no clue if you will reject us or not. Because of this, we are hesitant to just immediately ask you out. We want to test the waters until we are sure they are ideal conditions, without a storm coming.

    If you want to speed things up, drop some more obvious hints, or ask the guy out yourself.

    • this is so so frustrating!

  • Huh? 'Stupid' games? Its you girls who play mind games, lead men on and finally say "Sorry, I only consider you as a friend".

    • thats some girls but not me! why hot and then cold?

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    • tell me how i get him to ask me out? :)

    • Give him really strong signs that you like him, but don't do anything overtly sexual because that makes him think you only want sex from him. If he doesn't get the hint or doesn't ask you out due to fear, then make the first move yourself. Nothing wrong in that. Now, due the rise of feminism and changes in gender roles, women are able to do everything which were once considered men's domains. So there's no reason why you shouldn't ask him out yourself. But do this only as a last resort, if other plans don't work. Good luck! :)

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  • for the record, i dont think its a stupid move. i recpect a guy who does that actually.
    i myself do this. i dont just dive into it. now THAT is a stupid move.

  • I'm guessing there's some context here you aren't sharing with us.