I led him on but I like him?

I screwed with a guy's feelings really bad... we got to know eachother, went on dates, I met his friends, constant phone calls and texting, makeout sessions, etc. and I really fell for him but every once in a while I'd tell him I dont think this will work out for reasons such as my trust issues, parents, and with school starting soon... so I recently told him I think we should remain friends, which made him EXTREMELY mad because he tried to work it out with me and I'm so complicated...
This happened on the phone btw. He told me to stop talking to him, but I decided to send him a text apologizing for the last time for being so confusing and told him he deserves better than this. He replied once and that was it. What should I expect to happen now? Should I keep texting him or should I completely drop it and leave him alone? Will he come back?

I know it won't work as a relationship but Id really like if he would let me be his friend. I dont wanna lose him.

Surprisingly, it worked out between us, even against all odds! I talked to him and we fought over it for a bit.. but we're together now:)


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  • Being led on is one of the worst feelings ever, and I don't see him being your friend working out as long as he has feelings for you. It's best if you just stop texting him or at least text him less and give him time. See how he is towards you when he's moved on, maybe things could work out then. Only time will tell if he'll come back.

    If you want a relationship, you could explain how you feel and see how he takes it. However, you'll have to be 100% ready to commit to it - bringing his hopes up again and making them crash down again will just make him hate you, and will probably not help any friendship you have with other guys that know him.


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  • Well it won't work now, after all that you have next to no chance

  • You don't deserve him as a friend or anything else. Selfish, heartless girls like you disgust me.

  • No, I don't think it'll work. You screwed him over, you're not friends, he's your bitch!


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