Does he still have feelings for his ex?

My bf broke up with his gf of 4 years last febuary. She cheared on him and he didn't love her anymore. They even tried counseling but that didn't work. Him and I have been dating for a little over a year now. Couple nights ago we were talkino about something and I said your still in love with your ex arnt you. And he said no but he was kinda getting mad about it. He's like why do you think I broke up with her. Why would he get crabby about it? Does he still love her or wish he was with her?


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  • he's probably just upset that you wold bring it up. Or accuse him of that? Has he ever given you a reason to believe that? How would you feel if you were sitting there and he starting saying that to you about your ex? Its never fun to get accused of something that isn't true.
    If its been 4 years and he's been with you for a 1 year then I would trust he does not still love her, and no he doesn't want to be with her he wants to be with you. Just have more confidence in yourself and in your relationship. Have faith and trust that you you have is a good thing.


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  • He's getting mad about it because he's angry that you would disregard all his feelings he's shown for you.


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  • He got angry because you're accusing him of things that aren't true. I'd get annoyed too.