Do guys care if a girl is disabled, I mean only one part of the body?

my right arm is disabled, just and only my right arm, it skinnier, short and smaller than my left are,... also my right shoulder is smaller too, so it noticble in my over all apearance,...

do guy get intimdated but it, lets say while making love aswell?

when i used to be with my ex (he was my first only relationship partner) he at times woulf feel a bit embarassed from it,... i wouldn't take offence from it, but still...


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  • Honestly. I cannot make generalisations, as there will be guys who won't care, while there will be guys that will. We are so use to symmetrical bodies, that people will get absorbed by slight deformities, its something people often have to get use to. As long as you don't surprise someone with it (doesn't sound like you can) and act confidently about yourself, you should not have a thing to worry about. Many guys will be able to look past it, though as I said some wont. Just an honest answer.

    • i like your honesty, thank you.


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  • I'm cool with it cauze when it comes to a relationship I'm looking for the girl mentalilty in general so this kind of things don't bother me. At all

  • Personally I wouldn't be bothered by it. I dated a girl with a disabled leg/hip (she had a substantial limp when she walked). I know a girl with a prosthetic leg and she got married a few years ago to a great guy. I care about looks in general, but if a guy is too shallow to be able to accept something like your arm and shoulder, then he doesn't deserve to have you!

  • Dat honestly wouldn't be an obstacle for meh to overcome if im into u.


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