Having a hard time dealing with girls incredibily inconsistent behaviour around me?

I meet this girl this summer and things have been all over the place , I really can't get a good read on her or what she things of me. I've had moments with her that were very positive and others that were very negative. its very inconsistent from one day to the next or what location I'm seeing her at. I'm not really sure what to do next as you don't know what mood she is going to be in when you see her.
any ideas or thoughs?


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  • I'd just straight ask her what she thinks about you. I think communication is key when you're trying to enter a new relationship.
    Maybe she's got other things going on that make her seem unstable. Ask for clarifications and she'll tell you Im sure.

    • I would like to talk to her but don't know how to go about it

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    • were more just friends and she works at this restaurant I like to go to. also hung out at this bar a few times but found her behaviour there really off at time compared to other places I saw her. we haven't like dated in the sense , did have one time we like hung out sitting beside each other at this other restaurant but it wasn't planned , she was in a really good mood that night

    • I get it now.. I dont think she knows you actually like her in a romantic sense and want to date her. When you're at work, you may have different days... some good some bad. Its just fact of life.

      If you're interested to know more about her and date her, ask her out for coffee and talk it out. See where that leads. If it goes well then ask her for lunch next time and talk some more. Progress naturally after..


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  • She's probably just on her period - things will solve themselves out just keep meeting her & if you realise she's in a bad mood comfort her & ask what's up? You never know it might be personal stuff

  • inconsistent how? some examples might help... perhaps she's mirroring you?

    • like at bar she's talkative one night than distant and hard to talk to another , its hard to explain but basically positive one night than negative another and she seems to be specically upset at me those nights

    • oh it sounds like you two just need to talk. find out what's bothering her.

  • You can throw the ball in her field: ask her for instance to text you where she wants to meet or call you as soon as she finishes to hang out. If she takes the initiative from time to time or shows interest it means she is interested. If not don't waste your time.


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  • It seems like she is interested in you but is playing hard to get so she doesn't come off as too desperate/clingy. Just play her little game for now,