Would you be upset if you found out you were the rebound?

I think this girl I know and was trying to date might of like found out about some things about my ex as I had mentioned some stuff one night and she might of over heard or gf's told her what I said. she might of sort of realised I was still upset about ex and when I meet her this summer I was really on the rebound at time

so do you think she was upset to find out she was the rebound?


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  • nah... it's fun helping you get over a rebound :) She's probably upset by the dishonesty more than anything.

    • I mean... helping you get over an ex! LOL

    • I wasn't really dishonest about it and she never really asked about stuff like that

    • well it's dishonest when something important is unsaid through omission. but then again, she should have asked the question. I know I would have.

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  • If you were not upfront and not sincerely with her because you wanted her than yes she should be upset. I prefer honesty regardless of circumstances.


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