Do you think he will forgive me or is it over?

I just got out of a serious relationship and I couldn't talk to any guys because I would think of my ex. Untilone guy, we been talking for 2 weeks. He would text me everyday mostly all day and we really seemed to like each other. He started calling me baby and telling me he likes me but never made a move to make things exclusive. So today I hung out with him and he saw a picture of a guy on my background he knows on my phone and he went through my pictures and my messages and everything. After he went through it he got really upset and he thinks I like this other guy and I don't when I really like him a lot. He is not ignoring my texts but I can tell he's really upset. What does this mean will he get over this and believe thst I truly like him and want to be with him


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  • It sounds like he needs to get over himself.

    Wait, were you there when he was going through the messages? (If not, there are some serious problems there, and you don't want to go there - you deserve better.) If you were (I hope), I expect you weren't going on about how much you like the other guys :p So... he needs to get over himself.

    If you'd like to nudge things along (assuming he's not a jerk who goes through phones w/o asking), you might consider being the one to make the move.


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  • One day is nothing. But I'd be wary of someone you've known for 2 weeks going through and snooping about your phone, then getting upset. That's a red flag right there.

    • That's what I'm so confused about I didn't know we were that serious we aren't even dating. I just hope I didn't mess things up

    • YOU didn't mess up anything. HE did by doing that, and reacting the way he did. Be wary of that kind of behavior. It means they're very jealous and very controlling. I'd suggest backing off from him.

  • I think you should move on and count yourself lucky that he showed his cards early on. He sounds like the jealous, possessive type.


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  • He's not your boyfriend, you aren't exclusive, he shouldn't be going through your phone. You have a right to be upset too!! I would seriously question anyone that goes through my phone... w/o my permission. But to answer your question: it sounds like he REALLY likes you so no I don't think it's over, I would just explain to him why the guy was on your phone, explain that you guys are a new couple and exclusivity was not yet established, but you really like him and you are sorry you hurt his feelings etc. Share with him how you feel. If he is still responding, he likely isn't leaving.

    • Like we were hanging out and he was like let me see and I was like lol no because you're going to go through it and he some how took it while I wasn't looking th guy on my screen saver was an old crush. I don't talk to him I just think he is attractive. I really like this guy and I thought he would be talking to other girls too I didn't think we were that serious I thought we were just flirting and i was afraid of coming off too strong.

    • It doesn't matter who that guy is really! It sounds like you are in the VERY BEGINNING stages of your relationship, so who cares if you have a pic of a cute guy on your phone! I'm sure he watches porn! I mean it's not the SAME thing. But it kind of is ;) Are you going to look through his computer for p*rn? No. At least lets hope not. I REALLY don't think you have anything to worry about (as far as him leaving) but I would be careful because it sounds like he is way jealous and that can lead to some negative things in relationships. So you may want to address that you know?