Am I a creep? I don't know if I'm coming off to strong?

Me and this guy have been texting. I met him at a bar he works at. He was really into me and wanted to hang out. The other day I sent him a text, 'hi how are you?' And got no reply. My friend now wana me to go with her to the bar tomorrow night and I know he is working. What would be the least creepiest thing for me to do. Go to the bar tomorrow night and say hi to him, or not go and send him a text Friday asking if he wants to hang out?


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  • Don't text him again until he reply the last one. Or else you'll sound clingy. Going to the bar is better idea. Go there with your friend and have fun, don't go straight up to him and say lets go out. Make little eye contact and smile. Then go talk to him, like how is he doing and busy night and stuff like that. drop little hints. If he doesn't respond to all that, well he is not into you.


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  • Well, you might not want to text him, but nothing says you can't chat with him there if he's chatty! If he's only so-so interested, well, maybe let him be.


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  • Go to the bar. It won't hurt anything.