Is flirting cheating? And are there levels?

Okay guys, if your significant other was flirting with another individual would you consider this cheating? Are there levels to it? And how far is to far?


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  • this is an interesting question to witch i have answered many times the same way and i will give you the answer i always give because its the best thing that can and should be done. First off when two people are in a relationship very often they do not do what i like to call the boundary talk they don't talk about the situation you are talking about now witch is what is considered to each of them cheating because of that one of them has one opinion on what is considered cheating and the other typically has a different opinion of what cheating is. witch seems to be the situation here. The simple solution to that is for those two people to sit down and talk about it. They must each give there definitions or understanding of the word cheating and find a middle ground between the opinions of cheating where both people feel that they are comfortable. I assume you didn't do that you assumed much like he probably assumed that you didn't need to discus it because he should already know and he thinks well she already knows. The reality being that although you both know the definition of cheating your understanding of that same definition could be two very different things. He may understand it as well I'm flirting not doing anything like touching or having sex so he's good. You may think of it as well I'm not going to flirt or try to look at other men and he should know that already. Now this isn't my first rodeo so you may have flirted a little with another man to you it may not be flirting but to him it might be. Same way the other way around he may not have thought of it as flirting but you think it is. Now lets say he looks at another woman or you look at another man both of you are attracted to them so you look. Is that wrong in my book no your human you may be attracted to the way another man looks or he may be attracted to another woman's looks. dose that mean you don't care for him or he doesn't care for you any more not at all both of you still love each other and

    • care for each other never the less jealousy may build. To avoid that jealousy witch is what you have a little of right now all you have to do is sit with him calmly and ask him what his definition of cheating is and how he understands it what dose he think is okay and not okay then you give your opinion and you find the middle ground. the place where both of you can be happy with the boundary set. That is the simple way to have boundary and respect each others needs and wants. be realistic some things are just human nature and can't be avoided other things how ever can be. So talk with him and listen to what he has to say and ask him to do the same by doing that you mature and grow as a couple.

    • People often forget that they have two different mentality's on cheating and flirting and even sex in a relationship most of the time it creates problems later on. So again tell him what you think and let him give his opinion and again make a good balance and have it set in stone. In reality you probably already know these things, but as it happens that in the middle people forget to do these things and that causes issues. So i remind you so that way you can have as smooth a relationship possible because that's the goal of a relationship; to be with each other, but not to have it so rocky. Even If it fails then you and him are able to end on mutual and good terms not out of anger but out of understanding that you and him may not be a good match because you both talk to each other. what ever the case do these things and you'll be okay. I hope my words help you in what ever it is that happens with you both, and i wish you both luck.


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  • If it feels like cheating, its cheating. =/


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  • I think emotionally, yes.
    I love my bf, so I don't feel the need to flirt with other guys. Not even when I'm mad. I would hope he would have the same respect towards me.
    If you feel the need to flirt;
    A) You like attention.
    B) Something's missing
    C) You're probably trying to get your partner mad/jealous

  • To me it js cheating

  • i won't consider that cheating yet unless there's boby contact (sexually). but it still hurts ur partner's feelings. I won't do that while I am in a relationship, unless he does that.