Girls, Is it always necessary for a guy to be a Handsome/charming and hot to be loved by a girl?

I'm not looking like Tom Cruise...
But the Girl i love (& she loves me too) used to tell me (before I proposed) that she likes long hair, handsome, taller than her, funny, having athletic personality, can make her smile... and sooo on.

I have not ALL of those qualities but i do love her desperately and can do anything for her smile...

So, what u say?


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  • Yeah, I was like your gf until I met a Mr Average.

    I was not initially attracted to him as he wasn't my type (i like Swedish boys). He is British, plain looking, has dark hair and short ish, wears specs. He is quite an alpha male, cheeky and not afraid to challenge me (most men just kind of try to charm my pants off).

    So bottom line is, people have an idea in their head of what they want, but that is a generalisation and hypothetical concept.

    No one rejects an ideal guy in real life over a a hypothetical concept based on a tired stereotype, women don't tend to recognise this reality until it happens to them.

    • Okay! Thank u so much!!!
      Now i got it!!! why she loves me.. I was so stupid and thinking i'm not good enough for her!!!
      Thank u again!!! :)

    • Not at all, I'm honestly just saying it like it is! All the best with your relationship :)


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  • No, you just have to be charming or handsome, not both.

  • Of course not! There are plenty of men out there who look nothing like Tom Cruise and yet still have success with their love life. All that matters is confidencešŸ˜Š

  • Of course not. We all have an ideal of our "perfect match" based on the people we feel attracted to the most. For me is dark skin, dark hair, athletic, tall - not mentioning personality here. Despite this, I have fallen in love with the opposite of that. I recently even dated a shorter guy, which I thought would never happen, and I didn't mind one bit. I I currently like a ginger guy and I thought that would never happen either.
    So, no worries. If things with her are meant to be, she'll love you for exactly who you are.

  • haha... every girl has her dream guy, but that doesn't mean we want a guy exactly like that. From you gf point of view i think she doesn't care the fact that you are nothing like her dream guy but more that you make her happy and she feels loved by you and that really what matters at the end of the day.

    I have my dream guy too but I know there is no way i can expect exactly a guy like him to end up with. :)

  • No, I think a guy should only have to be himself to be loved by someone

    • I m just doin that...
      I'm trying to be just be myself...
      But i doubt that whether she would like me as who i am?

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  • Generally yes, but sometimes ur way of expressing yourself is also very important,,, so keep doing right things...