A question for white women who only date black men?

My question is why do white women who only date black men date the most broke, unattractive, least endowed black men? Please notice that I said white women WHO ONLY date black men. I am not talking about white women who date all kinds of races including black.
I'm black and over the years many of my buddies and GF's who are black have noticed that white women WHO ONLY date black men go out of their way to date black men that most black women would think were not very good looking at all or would not even consider as lovers.


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  • Love is f*cked up man love is f*cked up

  • That's what I wonder to. I see black girls with some black boyfriends who have a good life and then I see white girls with the scummy black guys, I don't understand it. Some have very good black men, but I see most with the worst black men.

    • There are plenty of black/white men and women that fall for someone else of a different race and they have a nice life or whatever. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the bottom feeders that only mess with the most funky, grimy clowns around. Why aim so low?

    • Honestly, I think it's the whole fetish for a black man thing. I've even seen friends do it, and I have to tell them about themselves lol. Literally any man is ok, as long as he's black. The worst ones are the ones who constantly chase shitty black men, get used and abused then left, then they complain oh black men are so bad, then they meet another black man and the cycle begins again.

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  • They do it just to spite you. Life's a bitch, ain't it?

    • What? I've dated white women who only date black men. They just come off as stupid and try way too hard.

  • I don't think white women who only date black men exist on GaG