Is it a good idea to start dating someone at home when you're going back to uni for one more year?

What do you think? If you're about 2 hours away by train.

  • You can still date, it will work
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  • You can keep in touch as friends while you're at uni then see what happens after
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  • It won't work, don't bother keeping in touch
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  • I dated a guy for 4 years while in college, about 2 hours away by train too, and it worked out fine. We would see each other every weekend and it was more than enough.


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  • You got to decide if you're really into her.

    Coz I know guys will go to great distances to be with the one they really like and will make it work.

    If you're questioning this, you already have your doubts.

  • Its prob not the best option. Long distance is a killer. Plus one of you may meet someone new and be tempted to cheat. Temptation is just as bad as distance.


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