What could be his problem?

It has been 4 days since my bf and I have had sex. We live together and have been dating for a little over a year. I moved in with him shortly after 2 months of dating. Which he asked me. We do fight mote then most couples but probably cuz we moved in to soon. We just got a puppy last Friday and she was sleeping with us for a couple nights. We didn't get much sleep as she wanted to play. So we were getting tired and decided we would put her in her kennel at night now. When I asked why he doesn't want to do it he says because he's tired. Which I am too but still have to have tI me for that. He has been tired before and we have done it. He gets hard ons alot. I would even touch it before going to bed and it would be hard but yet he still doesn't want to do it. What could be his problem? Is he maybe not interested in me anymore? I asked if he wanted to break up or me go stay at my parents for awhile and he says no.

Anyone having any answers? Plus he is 24.


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  • I agree with the below posts. When stress plays into a mans life, it can impact his interest in sex. This coupled with you moving in and bringing a puppy into the picture, which is basically like having a kid, brings on new responsibilities and stressors. I suggest you do not approach him with hostility e. g. "Why won't you fuck me!", the last thing you want to do is bring on more stress. Simply, be calm, find a quite time during the evening, and ask:

    "Babe, I know we both have been really busy. Your working longer hours, but we haven't seemed to have the time to be intimate."

    Let him open up, if he says he is "tired" then continue to probe him, and ask if there is something else that may be bothering him. You have every right to do so, and it shows him that you care. Often times when us men are caught up in our own world, we shut down and shut everyone out, this is our way of dealing with emotions. Be honest and everything else will follow.

    Good luck!

    Then just let him do the talking. He will open up


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  • I think you need to ask him these questions. talk to him about the lack of sex in the relationship. your desire for more intimacy and find out why he feels there has been a lack of. if the issue is truly energy, perhaps you two need to find other times to be intimate

    you could be right that he's not into you, but it may be as simple as he is tired. communication is key. don't be confrontation or combative, try to remain cool and calm as you talk to him about your feelings, his feelings and what can be done to fix the situation.

  • It could be as simple as he is tired. Maybe he is working longer shifts and is tired. Or something is going on at work and he can't get is mind off of it. Maybe he is regretting you and him moving in together so soon. Why not try and be there for him of instead of worrying about having sex. I think the problem is you two don't communicate as well as you should be.

  • Get creative, you know, kinky stuff. Put on some sexy stuff. Maybe he is tired of the same old stuff. Try new things


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  • when you asked why he doesn't wanna do it, he says because he is tired... There's the answer, its because he is tired.. Don't over analyze everything, maybe he is just tired physically, and it has nothing to do about you... Give him time to rest and time for himself... he says no when you asked about break up or stay at your parents so it means he likes you and is interested on you... Asking a question like that to him may put him to wonder why you ask about "break up" just because he doesn't wanna do it... all you need to do is to understand him and give him time to rest...