My girlfriend won't talk to me.

the other day I woke up earlier than usual and my girlfriend had sent me a text so I replied to it. but I was half asleep and I kept falling back asleep so an hour later she told me she would talk to me later that night. when I asked why she said because I seemed busy. I told how I kept falling back asleep and how I'm never to busy for her. she didn't text me or call me all day. and when I asked her to please talk to me she asked if she was on a time limit to to talk to me, I said no and she said ok good then ill text you tomorrow or something. so this morning I made sure I got up earlier than she does. I've been trying to talk to her and I ask her to please talk to me. all she's said is "bout what?". so I don't know if something else is going on or what. I don't how she could be so p*ssed at me cause I fell asleep in the morning. and I really don't know what to do next


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  • She sounds like she worries a lot about what you do in your spare time and could be mistaking something like sleeping for you ignoring her. Everyone needs to sleep, it's hardly your fault, so she's being a bit over the top, but next time you talk to her just pretend like it didn't happen, move the conversation on and she will see that you really are interested.

  • Shes being really immature, couldn't tell ya why. Did you do anything, think about it


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