What is a deal breaker for you on a first date?

What is something your date could do or say on a first date that would be the ultimate deal breaker?


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  • smoker
    not presentable
    excessive swearing
    excessive drinking
    crude humour
    not paying at least some.
    getting distracted easily.
    attempts to make suggestive moves

    yeh. i got standards.


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  • -Is a Feminist
    -Believes in chivalry
    -Believes in sentiments like: If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best
    -No hobbies that don't, somehow, involve boys
    -Addicted to social media
    -Has kids
    -Expects me to pay her way
    -Likes to party
    -Has lots of debt
    -Self involved
    -Has ever cheated on someone
    -Has that "deadish" look in her eyes like she has been fucked and chucked 1 to many times
    -Receives welfare
    -Can't go camping without plumbing/electricity
    -Has cats
    -Is a princess
    -Accepts free stuff (drinks etc..) from men she has no interest in seriously dating
    -Overly sensitive
    -Bitchy, rude, mean, snotty etc..

    • So if she divorced for no fault of her own... she's undateable? so half of the population you'll dismiss?

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    • er... yes... read some statistics...

    • just because half of marriages end in divorce does not mean half the population is divorced, unless everyone starts out life married.

  • This is more a conceptual answer, sorry - it would be more fun to pick a specific (after reading some here), however untrue it would be for me

    Anything that takes away from, dilutes the magic of being one-on-one, tets-a-tets interaction, conversation, ability to create emotional bridges, discover mutual loves of life.

  • If she turns out to be a bad person just thinking it is okay to treat people however she likes, or if she doesn't give any attention and facebooks or tweets most or even part of the date. The biggest one was where she said she wasn't interested in me and just wanted a meal because her parents were late sending her some money.

  • When she asks, "Wanna go to the city dump and shoot rats?" ;-D

    I have no deal breakers that have ever come up on first dates. I could theorize a lack of optimism would do it, but I probably wouldn't ask a girl out if she wasn't very optimistic.

  • If she's a smoker, that's a deal breaker.
    If she slides the bill my way, or tells me I'm paying the bill, that's a deal breaker. I know I'm paying because I asked her out, it's just rude to give me the bill no matter how playful she is about it.

  • "Hey wanna see my penis"

  • The girl talks about having a baby with me and acting crazy. And even then still having sex with her for the 5 months.

  • Constantly on the phone/texting/facebook
    Unless there was a crisis.

  • text or on cell phone constantly

  • Ultimately, if she's malicious and mean spirited to me or anyone we come in contact with.

  • Bad breath and/or body odor

  • Lack of humour. That's it.

    I don't care if the girl I like belches, farts or what have you... as long as I'm enjoying her company, she's a keeper for me.

    My GF farted on our first date and laughed it off... I couldn't care less.

  • hmmm...

    - racist or general bigotry
    - lack of refinement

  • "I'm actually a dude"

  • a deal breaker on a first date would be no sex.


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  • If I saw him smoking, for sure. Another is if he says he doesn't want kids or hates kids. And if he wanted to sleep with me on the first date, yeah... no, that ain't gonna happen.

  • Not punctual
    Want to go party
    Not presentable
    Play with phone
    Not attentive

  • expecting to hook up ! also half/half pay on the first date

    • Agree with you completely!

    • Men and Women have common fears when dating, Women often fear things like being used for sex, or being alone with a strange man for example. Men fear things like being taken advantage of financially, for example.

      It is respectful of a man to not tread on the fears of the woman by expecting her to put out on a first date or to go someone secluded late at night when she doesn't know you. Like wise it is respectful and decent for a woman to pay her way on a date.

      How would you like to be disrespected by being expected to put out on the first date or be labled a prude and rejected?

      When you expect a man to pay for your date you are disrespecting him by ignoring his vulnerability for your own pleasure. When a man lets you do this to him he is letting you take advantage of him out of a desperate hope of avoiding rejection, who wants a man who behaves like this?

    • its a dating manner since forever that a guy pays the first date or maybe even the first 3 dates.
      Its not about taking advantage for the women at all. Its about the effort and the actual act of spending time AND money on a girl they like to win over a heart.
      I'm not a gold digger at all. I take my fiance out to many good places and dont mind spending 120dollar on a food for me and him.
      But if he would've been this stingy spending some money at the first time of our dating, then i wouldve thought he doesn't care too much. It is infact very attractive if the guy pays and takes you out. Any girls would feel flattered.

      But of course after the first few dates the girl should pay as well. These days my boy usually pays for lunch and i for dinner

  • He assumes at the end of the night that he's getting laid.